About Us

Why PremoPet™?

At PremoPet™, we cut through the hype and bring you exactly what your pet needs for a great value.

Premo Pet Inc. has teamed up with a leading pet nutrition research company to produce the best pet health products on the market today. Our products have been used and respected worldwide by veterinarians, breeders, trainers and pet owners. 

With a focus on gut health, we aim to tackle pet nutrition at the foundation of good immunity.

Speaking about this new product the VP of Research and Development, Grace Stevens says, “We are very pleased to offer these premium probiotics. Each is based on the latest animal science. The result being the most effective and beneficial probiotics to give your pets. We also look forward to providing many more premium products for pets in the near future.”

Premo™ Probiotics are a different type of probiotic. Many companies are just taking human probiotic formulas and relabeling it for pet use. According to Grześkowiak, Łukasz et al, probiotics are host-specific, and it is suggested that using human probiotics for dogs may be a mistake. "Cats and most dogs are on high carbohydrate diets and face similar life-style challenges as the human beings. The health and well-being of companion animals, just as their owners, depends on the gut microbes."


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