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Make your pet a PremoPet.

Premium probiotics for cats and dogs. #1 recommended brand.


#1 Recommended Brand

WIth thousands of Amazon reviews, Premo™ Probiotics are voted easiest to use by My Pet Needs That, "Premo Pet not only works well to alleviate diarrhea but also helps to treat vomiting with the soothing formula."

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Premo™ Probiotic for Cats

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Premo™ Probiotic for Dogs

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"A Miracle! - ...I can honestly say this probiotic powder has been a miracle for us and our cat. I don't cringe when cleaning the litter box or need to clean the floor daily now."

AVT, Amazon Customer

Digestive Well-Being for Pets

Assists in absorption of nutrients with nature's most appropriate ingredients for cats and dogs.

Probiotics Support Gut Balance

Proper bowel function and stool regularity is a sign of good intestinal balance.

Natural Immune Defense

Good gut health is the keystone to your pet's healthy immune function.

Just Better

Better Science. Better Manufacturing. Better Guarantee.

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The Premo™ Difference

No-Hype pet nutrition formulas with years of tried and true results.